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As a nonprofit law firm, our mission is to make legal services attainable to small businesses.

We are a  tax-exempt 501(c) 3 public charity .  Donations and grants help us serve more clients on a pro-bono and  low-bono  basis. 

We provide experienced corporate legal services for your small business, start-up, or nonprofit. Essentially, we offer your organization a “Virtual General Counsel”.

Initium uses an innovative approach that disrupts the status quo through a nonprofit law firm model aimed to make business law services attainable to small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. Initium employs alternative fee structures, including a pay it forward approach where technology companies can pay it forward to off-set legal costs to startups.  We think this promotes growth and innovation in the Boise community.

While technology and intellectual property are staples of our practice, we have experience as business lawyers across multiple industries from Healthcare to Retail.   We like to say we cover A to Z throughout the state of Idaho; having had everything from Acupuncturists to Zoologists as clients.  Whether it’s a contract dispute, contract law question, contract drafting need, contract review or template creation, initial formation and business creation filing, employment law concern, or general business issue we can offer you the comfort of having a contract lawyer in your back pocket,  without the in-house overhead. 

Yes, we offer free consultations.  By thoughtfully controlling our overhead costs, we have the ability to take a flexible approach tailored to our clients. 

Reach out to see how our corporate law expertise can benefit your business law needs.